Let’s Just Reboot?

This blog was previously Silhouette-de-la-vie. It was the silhouettes in life. That was the phase of life I was in, I think, when I started this blog. A little unsure of my stand in a lot of issues and very confused on what I wanted to do in life.
It’s different now. Or at least I hope so. After more than a year long break from this space, I am back here. But nothing here seems like an extension of me anymore. That feeling of disbelief that it could have been me who so effortlessly wrote things that people laughed and bothered to read? In spite of having scores of options to choose from, they chose to read what I wrote! That feeling was nice, and I will not flatter myself. It took effort to pen down thoughts for all to read but things changed along the way.
I was a 19 year old student of Journalism at the time and looked at life as well as the people in it differently then. You are welcome to read all the posts before this one. There aren’t many anyway!
However, the 22 year old me, is quite drastically different. I cringe at some of the stuff I wrote and wonder how on earth did people have the patience to read through all that! And then I realise, I have some really nice friends who read what I had to say.
If you have been a friend of this blog and made an effort to keep in touch with all the madness I posted here, I am eternally grateful to you. However, the silhouettes now have some more light in them and are sharply defined for me.
Hence here’s the new name and new design of this blog. This one is closer to me at this stage of my life than the previous one. I hope you put up with the change. There might be another change if I feel like it soon.
Nevertheless, I am just as goofy as clumsy and as perceptive (I hope J) as I was before. Some things never change, eh?
So I hope to be more regular with this blog than I ever was with Silhouettes and I hope you enjoy this process of me thinking aloud as much as I love typing it out. Good feedback is welcome. Bad feedback will be welcomed with aarti ki thaali and chaawal ka kalash.. 😉

PS. There will be two posts today, I think! Let’s just reboot!! 

That Silhouette in Grey

A few days back I was separating the clothes that were to be put into the washing machine for washing (obviously!). The usual categories – coloured and whites separately. That is when I came across this shirt, black and white stripes shirt. And well, I am still confused as to where that should have gone. Is a black and white shirt a coloured shirt or does it get categorised under the “whites”?

Therein lays the problem mostly with my decisions too…some situations and people fall into neither category! Starting with which, why do we categorise people as black and white (literally and figuratively) in the first place? Is it just me or does everyone have a category is the mind of “good” and “bad” people?

When I was small, the area was pretty much well divided. A person, who told lies, is a bad person, one who steals is bad, and one who shouts is bad too! And a good person, sadly, what defined a good person was never told, it was only the “lack of this” is a good person. So, one who does not tell a lie, who does not steal, does not shout, is a good person!

Then I grew up, I lied, I stole a hello kitty pencil pointer, my parents shouted, did it make us all bad? No! My justification was, even though I lied, I did it so that I shouldn’t get beat up and be yelled even more by my parents, thus making them even worse! I stole, but also leant it out to people, so I was a good person. 😛

Somewhere down the line, my ideas of good and bad become very rigid and highly cleared! No need of the lying/ stealing/ yelling nonsense anymore! So, one who smokes and drinks is a bad person, and one who abstains from it, is a good person.  Pretty much what all pre teens think? Then, I was introduced to the concept of “social drinking”, drinking at parties, at weddings, at get-together by all near and dear to me.

So, where did this put me? Was I a bad person too? In company with all the people who are bad?  And then, the final of things that I can remember.  Now I have friends who smoke, who often drink. Who think its normal to do both. And well, rather than being away from them, I have accepted them as quite close friends now. They’re nice people, not the Bollywood idea of smokers and drinkers who are always the villains.

So, smoking and drinking, you’re off the list to. I think now its time for me to accept the clichéd “grey” character. No one is truly bad or good, just somewhere in between! So, to all those different grey shades in my life, you make my life colourful! 

P.S.: I wish there was a “grey” area for striped shirts too! Will someone tell me which category do they fall under while washing??