I need a favour…

Having studied literature and then liking to write and read isn’t an easy job, it isn’t the easy way out from the multitude of tougher careers out there as people might think it is. I not only do my work but I am obliged to a number of people to write/rewrite their essays, SOP, letters, speeches and help in all things related to language. It’s okay till the time I do not have work and wouldn’t mind “looking” at your work and approve of it; but more often than not I end up doing a Hermione Granger and write multiple versions of the same thing for people.

After having taken up writing/translation and whatever it is that I call “work” these days, it’s too cumbersome to do work for free for friends/family in the time I’d otherwise be charging for. It’s a curse to have a skill that others don’t appreciate as a profession. Tera toh English acha hain na, mere bete ko zara essay writing mein tips de. -_-

From avmarchitect.blogspot.in

From avmarchitect.blogspot.in

In a conversation with a CA friend I realised how wrong I was. He gets asked by people to look over his money matters, while an MBBS friend gets calls from neighbours when they have the sniffles. The law graduate friend constantly turns down requests from chaddi buddies to accompany them on trips to “scare” people and the engineer friend is required to fix mixer-grinders in the houses of all and sundry. My singer friend recounts how he was once asked to sing at the mourning/chautha for a friend’s father while the chef is constantly invited to potlucks where no one cooks anything.

Sportsmen/women have it the best though. At least they’re not asked to run from point A to B by acquaintances to showcase their skills at a birthday party or to box the host of a party to display that signature jab or hook. But I’m very sure there’s an aunty lurking somewhere who says field pe toh itna daudta hain, jaa sabji leke aa 10 minute mein.


Day 34: Tanhai Tanhai

Movie: Koyla (1997)
Song: Tanhai Tanhai
Music Director: Rajesh Roshan
Lyrics: No clue!
Singers: Udit Narayan, Alka Yagnik
Actors (in the song): Shahrukh Khan, Madhuri Dixit.

Koyla belongs to that generation of movies where ‘izzat lootna’ of the mother/sister of every character was common place. Even by those standards, Koyla was a movie that bordered on barbaric and almost ridiculous.

Take for example the innovation with which the songs in this movie present themselves. SRK is mute (for those who didn’t know) but that’s a rather small thing to hamper his songs! SO with some creative usage such as – dream sequences, mouthing the words when someone else sings, more dream sequences, singing songs ‘from the heart’ which the actress understands- our hero manages the lowly hurdle that is singing when you cannot even speak.

Moving on though, the highlight of this song is the picturesque locale it has been shot in (seriously, some places are really breath-taking), do notice certain features of the song, such as SRK styling Madhuri’s hair, the silly signing between them and other miscellaneous actions after which promptly Amrish Puri’s men shoot at Madhuri to break the happy couple up.

I heard this song on radio the other day and hit a realisation- a part of the interlude (3.19-3.37) is the same tune as the base tune of Hum Toh Dil Se Haare from Josh. The funny part is, the music of Josh is by Anu Malik, and Koyla is Rajesh Roshan. So obviously, there had to be a more popular original song from where these two were copied. Sure enough, itwofs to the rescue! The tune is from Conquest of Paradise (start at .15) composed by Vangelis for the Oscar winner Chariots of Fire.

Interestingly, the itwofs post also mentions another song by Rajesh Roshan that inspired the main tune of Tanhai Tanhai. It’s his own song Frenny O Frenny from Khatta Meetha. That’s nice, copying from yourself, Roshan ji! 🙂

Talking on a tangent here, but Khatta Meetha is a movie you should watch. It’s a sweet film about a Parsi widower and widow who decide to marry and bring their families together. Yes, Golmaal 3 came from here. It’s one of those nice movies that just make you smile. Khatta Meetha is also famous for the song Thoda Hain Thode Ki Zaroorat Hain – a name that later inspired a TV drama show (remember that one?!).

Coming back to Tanhai Tanhai, it’s not a song that stands for much. Nothing I liked. It’s just “showing off” on my part on how I catch song tunes out and relate them to others! 😉

You can watch the video here:

Day 25: Kya Kare Kya Na Kare

Movie: Rangeela (1995)
Song: Kya Kare Kya Na Kare
Music Director: A. R. Rahman
Lyrics: Mehboob
Singers: Udit Narayan
Actors (in the song): Aamir Khan, Urmila Matondkar

Rangeela was a starting point for a lot of things. Urmila Matondkar’s career, Manish Malhotra’s racy costumes, Rahman’s Hindi debut soundtrack and the start of what is around two decades of animosity between Aamir Khan and popular awards.

Originally the song for today was to be Tanha Tanha Yahan Pe Jeena, the return of Asha Bhosale and went with my songs of the last few days. However, the song happens to feature Jackie Shroff in a speedo, something that cannot be unseen in this life. You’ve been warned. Therefore, in my dilemma, I chose this one! Kya kare kya na kare humesha ki mushkil hain haay!

Aamir Khan is something else in this movie! A lovable galli ka gunda who makes money by selling tickets in black outside movie theatres. This is my favourite scene from the movie.

Rahman is featuring way too often on my list I realise, but it’s something I cannot help. This album has a haunting character to it that you cannot ignore. Especially the effervescent Hai Rama.

My favourite lines from this song are:

Wo saamne chamakti hain,
Saans hi atakti hain,
Aur ye zubaan jaati hain phisal.

(She shines in front of me,
I cannot breathe,
And my tongue slips) 😉

Watch the video here:

Silhouette of Relationships…(Part one I suppose!)

Caution: I am in a horribly introspective mood, for two days now. All the thoughts below are a result of the same! Not my usual writing, but I guess, this is necessary! Comments WANTED! Whichever friend you are! 🙂

Friends…troubles? Trouble makers? Trouble solvers? Best friends, close friends, buddies, bum chums, chaddhi baddies, langotiya yaar? BFFS, special friends, secret friends, building friends, gully friends, avehi friends? Hi bye friends, online friends, competition friends, just-by-the-way friends, acquaintances, contacts.

Somehow, all my friends are divided this way, and I am sure a lot of other peoples too! And I always thought it was this way since the end of time till a close friend (see I am categorising again!) said that the 2-3 friends he had were enough for him always. And I started wondering (like I always do) of what I had achieved of having sooo many friends?

I have friends all over the world, thanks to the competitions I go to. I have friends in every age group (provided I can call 50+ people friends too); I have friends in possibly every strata of the society, every nook and every corner of the city with different pursuits. But frankly did I ever, have ENOUGH friends?

I still wonder! I socialise for sure. One look at my FB profile and you’ll know I have some 575 and ever increasing list of friends, on Orkut some 300…but frankly, did I stay in touch, or care about even 10 of them? Okay, maybe that was rude, but inherently, I always end up thinking about too many friends and bothering with their problems! But when I need to confide, I doubt there are more than 2-3 people who’ll know what my “status” is really.

Do I blame social networking sites for this state? Peer pressure to be online all the time? My voyeuristic need to see into everyone’s life? Or is it simply my inability to deal with friends outside my virtual world screen. Possibly the last, maybe the first. Maybe a bit of all of those.

True, a lot of my friends exist on my computer/laptop screen. Actually, my closest (categorising!) friends are the ones I met online. Even today, when I meet a friend in college, I won’t speak as openly to him/her as I would, if I were on chat. And it has nothing to do with “secret friends” thingy.

Is it that the impersonal form of communication makes it easier? No. I think chats are horrible forms to communicate something serious. But looking back, the best and the most life changing conversations I have had have been online.

Am I complaining? Am I FINALLY turning into the grandma-in-new-skin that my friends always predicted I was? Talking negatively about the social networking sites I am so addicted to? Or is the lack of real friends or all the friendships going sour that is affecting me this way?

I think I might not know. Not now, and maybe to not bothered to know later. For now, I want to inform the world. I have successfully quit Farmville, stayed away from Facebook for most part of this week. Kept away from the mobile till I didn’t really want to use it. Not stayed on the phone for long, and rediscovered my first love.

My books. To all those people who were frustrated of my commenting, my posts on their walls, my absolute domination on their news feeds. Here you go. I think I am cutting off. I need to get out. And discover friends again.

To my online friends, I am not leaving you so soon! Just cutting down. And my friends list too! 🙂

The silhouette of relationships, when the heart yearns for a person to share a lot of things with!