Magic of my own!

There’s a reason why this place hasn’t had a post in ages. Lethargy, mood swings, no time, health, studying being some of the excuses. But mostly, it is because there was nothing I had to say or do…

Honestly, I realised that it has been 5 months since my last post only when some friends pointed it out to me that they were actually waiting for a post on the blog!

So let me be upright about this, I may have followers, but I never kid myself into believing that I have readers. Or readers who’re regular, probably people who peek in every time I post something and then forget it.

But thanks to the few who remembered! J

So since the last post was to do with magic, I think I could continue to do the same. Especially because, that’s what I have been doing for most of the last two weeks.

For those who do not know, Pottermore, the website by J. K. Rowling as a continuation to the Potter world that she created, is up and running. And I have just been there, and there, and all over there since it opened for everyone.

Yes, it seems a lot of craziness on my part to be stuck on to a world that is simply fiction and to be engrossed in the extension of that fiction. True, that the lady is only cashing on on her success, but honestly, it’s just a bit more of magic into my world.

I started reading the Harry Potter series when I was in the 5th standard, and to my own surprise, I took very well to the series. For one, it coincided with my entering a new school and new surroundings completely. I was a new kid, whom everyone knew, because the teachers from my old school were now here, and I was given that special treatment. I will not deny it, I got most of the pampering from most of the teachers and had that extra bit of freedom that was elusive to others.

For a while, that was what Hogwarts was to me, a new school with lots of new cool stuff to do, stuff that my old school didn’t have. Hence, Pottermore, is now a simple extension of that nostalgia.

I know this is lame.. 😀 But that’s the welcome! 

This may seem like PR for the site, but honestly, it’s more than just that. I got sorted into a house, which was unexpected. I always thought I’d be in Hufflepuff, but surprisingly, I got sorted into Ravenclaw! Like the house where everyone is intelligent, in an eccentric way! 😛 I am from the house of Luna Lovegood! How nice is that?

That is right after I got sorted! 🙂

And then now, I have my wand, a 10 and three quarters, solid hornbeam phoenix feather core wand. And the wand chose me. Mind you! 😉

THAT is my wand. Which I am still getting used to. Yes. A wand.  Okay,  go off now! 😛

It’s a lot of nonsense I know, to be brewing potions online and to be duelling and collecting chocolate frog cards to win house points; but then it is the summer vacations! And it totally beats being a crocodile at any time of the year! 😛

So there you go. Another pointless post! 😀 And another reason for you to think that I am crazy!

PS. The post may make it seem like I am 11, and waiting for my letter from Hogwarts, but I just did turn 21 last week! 😀 Seeing that this is my first post in 2012, Happy New Year folks! 😀 Hope the first four months have been great for you too!  

Children’s day and My box of Magic…

Children’s day was/is the day I would await the most; apart from my birthday. For the sole reason that my dad is one of those rare people who gets a cake as well as gifts for the “occasion”. So basically the fantastic memories from my childhood have a lot of children’s day memories.

Such memories and other special ones were always hidden by me, something that I hid in the deep recesses of my book shelf. So that it would never be found by anyone. My box of magic.

As a kid I always had this wonderful idea that I’d find something that would bring magic into my life. [Blame it on the ideas of magic lamps/portkeys/glass slippers]. I know it is a fantastically romantic idea, but I have always wanted the perfect life with the “happy ending” in it.

So all the small things that I found pretty and well, cute, would go into a pretty box. It had all these ribbons stuck to it et al. I guess the box was gifted to dad by some client on Diwali when I was in school (probably primary). Still can’t remember what it held, but through the years, I’ve always dug it out and added things to it.

This is what my magic box looks like:

That’ THE box!
The Magic!

And the contents (if you can’t see clearly) are a lot of things from different phases of my life: there’s my LA Santa hat, some 4-5 pendants that look like small bells, all sorts of ghungroos and bells that I tore out of pretty key chains, my invitation for my Fresher’s party in FYBMM, my school bus pass, Mahesh Tutorials id card, my first pass for the rock show at Ruia in 2007, there’s a sealed packet of sands from the Arabian Sea, Bay of Bengal and Indian Ocean that I bought in Kanyakumari when I was 12-13 etc.

My mom and sister think it’s absolute trash that I’ve wrapped in two net duppattas (in fashion when I was in primary school). I doubt if I touched it after I was in 18. But today, I was looking for some badges from Wikipedia that some friends got back for me as a souvenir from its 10thyear celebrations, and I found the box by accident.

Funnily enough, even though it was only two years back when I last saw it, today when I see it, it still reminds me of all those sweet and happy childhood memories. I was sitting at home brooding about how pathetic it is to be alone all day long and have nothing to do – when I found this so called magic box.

Turns out, it is a magic box after all. After so many days of groping in the dark for some reason to smile, I found a box full of them. Magical memories. And my box full of magic. J