Day 3: C-A-T Cat Cat Maane Billi

Movie: Dilli ka Thug (1958)
Song: C-A-T Cat Maane Billi
Music Director: Ravi
Lyrics: Majrooh Sultanpuri, Shailendra and S.H.Bihari
Singers: Kishore Kumar and Asha Bhosale
Actors (in the song): Kishore Kumar and Nutan

From Govinda to Govinda ka baap, Kishore Kumar. Obviously I didn’t mean that literally! If there is one person I never understood in terms of the wide pool of talents, it is Kishore Kumar. Singer, dancer, actor and even a comic. I sometimes wonder if he learnt to create those funny voices or if it was something he was born with.

This song is older than my father, so obviously, it being famous now is a testimony to how absolutely mind blowing it is. Not only the lyrics (funny and insane) make it different, a lot of credit  has to go to the singers! Asha Bhosale is my favourite singer of the bygone era, and when I play Antakshri and try to sing this song, I fully appreciate how difficult it is to get all the lyrics correct!

The music is fun too because it complements the energy that Kishore Kumar brings to this song. The music by Ravi (also the composer of the evergreen Chaudavi ka Chaand) is especially great in this movie that has my other Kishore Kumar favourite – Ye Raatein Ye Mausam. Hopefully, it will make this list too!

However, though Nutan is the one actress whose songs make me want to try be all shy and coy while being mischievous (how does she do that with her eyes and eyebrows!); I don’t particularly like her here. Absolutely no justice to Asha Bhosale’s effort, which is sad because we’ve seen her be soooo great in a lot of songs! While she is in one place syncing to the lyrics, her co-actor steals the show from under her nose with all his trademark antics.

My favourite part (also the random-est part of the song):

B-A-D Bad, Bad maane bura,
B-U-T But, But maane lekin,
Arre dil hain tere panje mein toh kya huaaa!

Watch the video here and do comment!