Day 31: Dheeme Dheeme

Movie: Zubeidaa (2001) Song: Dheeme Dheeme Music Director: A. R. Rahman Lyrics: Javed AkhtarSingers: Kavita Krishnamurthy Actors (in the song): Karisma Kapoor, Manoj Bajpai.

We had an audio cassette of this movie back in the days when everyone listened to music on them. The beige and brown background of the cover of the cassette as well as the amount of gold that Karisma Kapoor was wearing attracted me to it. That’s until the music started playing and then I was lost in it.

When I listen to the soundtrack now, it’s Mehendi Hain Rachnewaali by Alka Yagnik and Chodo More Baiyyan by Richa Sharma that I keep on loop. Both are melodies that stay with you unlike the rest of the movie.

My only memory of this movie is my mother, aunt (maasi), aunt (maami) and grandmother going to watch this while my sister and I stayed back with our grandfather and uncle. After seeing this movie about 2-3 years back, I see the reason on why it interested them so much and not the men. I felt like shaking Karisma Kapoor vigorously and saying “Girl! Grow up!” But all in all, it’s the type of story that would appeal to the Ekta Kapoor watching populace. Love triangle, two marriages, royals, palaces and Rekha.

Zubeidaa is apparently “loosely based” on the life of Zubeida Begum, the actress (not to be confused with Rani Zubeida the actress of Alam Ara). The movie is written by Khalid Mohamed, her first son. Partly biographical, I would presume, Karisma, Rekha and Manoj Bajpai are so ordinary it makes me wonder if the plane crash didn’t happen, this would be just another story.

The tragedy of Begum Zubeidaa goes further after her and Maharaja Hanwant Singh’s death. According to this article, her second son Tutu had a tragic end too. Her first son wrote the script for this movie. She couldn’t be a movie actress because her father didn’t approve of it; her son then became a movie critic and journalist of the types that we’ve rarely seen. That in itself is a Bollywood story!

Dheeme Dheeme is a soft song, Kavita Krishnamurthy has better songs, but this one is like-able. It also features an over-enthusiastic Karisma and a barely there Manoj Bajpai! Considering the fact that this is the man who played Bhiku Mhatre, Veerendra Pratap, Rashid, Raghavan Ghatge, Sardar Khan etc., it’s really surprising how under utilised he is in this movie.

Watch the video here and let me know if you agree:


Day 29: Mere Dil Ka Tumse Hain Kehna

Movie: Armaan (2003)
Song: Mere Dil Ka Tumse Hain Kehna
Music Director: Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy (SEL)
Lyrics: Javed Akhtar
Singers: Chithra
Actors (in the song): Anil Kapoor, Preity Zinta

Last week when I took an unplanned break from blogging about movies, I asked my friends at Bookhad for some help with songs. After I said the songs from DCH would be one, Aroop suggested this one! 🙂

Armaan is a movie I saw some time last year, and was immediately reminded of all the hospital dramas on TV. Indian and the American ones. Why do we have so many love stories in hospitals? Is that the most “happening” place? Wonder what my doctor friends feel about this.

Anyway, Preity Zinta in the movie and the song! Watch her! Her look, the way she acts as a deranged patient first and then a jealous, conniving wife is one of her career best, in my opinion. Watch this song and see the twist in the “samjhe” where very casually she threatens that if you don’t remain mine, then… Clearly, killing herself or him is not a very cheery thing to put in a seduction song, but she does it!

The funny part about this song is, unlike the usual where the actress gradually strips to up the “hot” quotient (pretty funny in my opinion), Preity actually begins in the bath and then her dresses keep getting longer! Wow. The best portion of the choreography for me though, is the part where she picks up the knives and forks and leads Anil Kapoor to the bedroom! Talk about living under gun-point (there’s a Tamanche pe Disco joke here somewhere, but I’m way to tired).

I will take a minute here because I have to appreciate Anil Kapoor. That man will be 60 soon and is still going from strength to strength. There was a time in the mid-2000s where I thought his career would slowly fade away after the string of nonsensical movies he did. Look at him now! 24 was a brilliant show for Indian TV, and don’t forget his debut as a director with Gandhi, My Father.

My only grouse with this song is SEL‘s choice of getting Chithra to sing. This is a snazzy, fun song that would better suit Sunidhi Chauhan’s voice. Instead she sung the soft from the movie, Meri Zindagi Mein Aaye Ho, my favourite from the movie! Nevertheless, enjoy the video here: