Imagining a dreamy hallucination…

I am sitting on some steps, right next to my building, with a stranger on the opposite side (Don’t even remember the face now), when a space ship appears, with the words “Udan Khatola” written across it. The man on the opposite side points his finger at the space ship, and disappears. Then I see some friend driving the space ship, and he asks me if I want a ride. I scream.

That’s a dream I saw a while back. Nothing special about it. Except for the fact that I am bragging about my absolutely horrendous “paint” skills.

Presenting before you: “Inside Utkarsha’s Head” – A visual representation of what I saw. Or didn’t. 🙂

Umm..did I mention that the material that the space ship was made from was something similar to the plastic that SINTEX tanks are made from?



One of these days I’ll start something and call it “doodle”, in every probability it will be just there. In my book. Another doodle.

Something happens when the study leave starts. Suddenly you stay at home too much, you’re not used to it, and life’s drab. I cannot study for my 1st semester any year because it’s winter and who can stay awake? 
Then I can’t study for my 2nd semester, because I’m too exhausted to study in the summer!

Frankly, I’ve been hit by a bad case of procrastination this semester. Point in case: exams are to start in two days and I am writing a blog post, tweeting, fbing all together! Some of it can be partly blamed to last semester’s result where I was 2nd in class (yes I brag) all thanks to an 85 in computers (More bragging points!), but sadly, no computer this semester nor is there any other subject where I can remotely touch that score!

But well, apart from that, there are quite a few interesting things on.
For one, dad’s back! All those who don’t know, dad’s now working in Gandhidham and comes home once a month. If that “once a month” is right before my exams, it isn’t really my fault right?

It so happens that dad’s two bosses are bald, and dad is allowed to unleash his terror on the rest of the staff (only heard about this). So while the staff there used to call the other Raghu and Rajeev, my dad is now called Ranvijay. -_-

I did survive that, but I cannot bear to see Robot a day before my exams begin, let alone as a family event, occasion being mom’s birthday. Don’t get me wrong, the movie’s fine, but in Hindi? And stretched to 4 hours?

India is playing matches. And how! So you expect me to study?

There’s a tsunami and an earthquake and a rare astronomical phenomena all happening at the same time, and you want me to study?

A wedding, an anniversary, a birthday, lots of cakes and paneer….I’ll study?

A laptop crash, new anti-virus buy, loading the thing, and still get bothered by Trojans, studies anyone?

HIMYM and Modern Family are running again, albeit the previous seasons, HOW DO I STUDY!

The best: Cycle agarbattis and Baskin Robbins send me messages to support Indian in WC2011…

Yes right. I am studying a lot in the race to prepare. Nothing like a useless body on the couch doodling away in time….I don’t have a loud conscience you see. Or else I’d be studying now. 36 hrs to go. But I do own a mother who makes up, so well, I’ll open a random presentation now. I’ll start studying. Tomorrow.

Till then, all eyes to Nagpur, or maybe the Thai movie on UTV, or maybe Movies Now, or the orange wall in 
front of me. Sigh! Wish me luck.