Day 28: Nani Teri Morni Ko

Movie: Masoom (1960)
Song: Nani Teri Morni Ko
Music Director: Robin Banerjee
Lyrics: I’ve no clue!
Singers: Ranu Mukherjee.
Actors (in the song): I recognise none of them!

One of the sweetest songs of my childhood, something my nani taught me! 🙂 She still sings this one to me. Thinking of my grandparents today, here you go, this song sung by singer Hemant Kumar’s daughter Ranu has been recreated so many times that I’ve lost count now.

The best part about the song is no doubt the little girl who prances and swirls in the house in her cute skirt. However, the singer is clearly closer to the actor’s age and the difference in the voice is so prominent when you compare it to the other “child” singers of the era, who were more or less adults. Even if you shut your eyes, you can picturise a little girl singing this song with deep breaths in the middle to begin a new sentence and then suddenly losing the beat! 🙂

About the same time, Gharana had a similar song Dadiamma Dadiamma Maan Jao sung by Asha Bhosale and Kamal Barot. I wouldn’t be surprised if both the kids in the song are actually girls playing boys. Anyone know who they are? Also, Lalita Pawar is very entertaining as the Dadiamma. I remember watching this movie when I was a kid, and Pawar has since been the evil mother-in-law for me! 🙂

A song from your childhood that you like? Any suggestions for me to take up? Leave a comment!

Enjoy both videos here:




Day 16: Hungama Ho Gaya

Movie:  Anhonee (1973)
Song: Hungama Ho Gaya
Music Director: Laxmikant-Pyarelal
Lyrics: Verma Malik
Singers: Asha Bhosale
Actors (in the song): Bindu.

So today, being a day of many adventures and the day after my effort-taking, back-breaking post went up, I am only posting the videos for today! A proper post will follow in approximately two hours! Hope you enjoy.. 🙂


A good measure of your age would be how you remember Bindu- Shabnam (pyaar se log mujhe Shabbo kehte hain) from Kati Patang, as Mona Darling from Zanjeer, Chitra from Abhimaan, the evil mother -in-law/ambitious mother in countless movies from the 80s/90s or as Mrs. Kakkad from Main Hoon Na.

The original movie is Anhonee, a murder-thriller and this song is the “item number” where Sanjiv Kumar looking for the killer wants to question Rita (Bindu.) Of course she has to be dancing and inebriated, she’s Bindu! That’s why she was taken on.

There is no better song that expresses the dichotomy of Indian society on alcohol consumption with regards to genders than this song. The lyrics are straight up and simple, everybody drinks, if I do, it’s an issue.

The second video is the reworked version by Amit Trivedi – my current favourite music director – from the movie Queen. Not only has he worked up the pace of the song, the additions gel perfectly with Kangana’s situation.

I am picking no lines today, sorry!

The original video:

And an alternate, reworked video from the movie Queen: