Day 37: Hum Ko Malum Hai

Movie: Jaan-E-Mann (2006)
Song(s): Hum Ko Malum Hai
Music Director: Anu Malik
Lyrics: Gulzar
Singers: Sonu Niggam, Sadhana Sargam
Actors (in the song): Salman Khan, Preity Zinta.

(This song is on this list for the sheer ridiculousness of it. Yes, I am in that mood! 😀 😀 😀 )

Go over the credits again. Yes, Gulzar and Anu Malik. Yes. Yes. I had a shock the first time I saw that as well. But honestly, listen to the song, and tell me if the following is not something that ran through your mind.

The antara and the mukhda are written by two different people. There is no way those that really promising opening lines into “Mom maani nahi, dad naaraaz tha, meri barbadiyon ka wo aaghaz tha, ishq ka ek hi ek andaaz tha“. Really. What were you thinking o you God of words!

Moving on, at 8.34 this song is really long, I won’t blame you if you feel it’s the entire movie in there. Because it really is. Part of being a Salman fan is watching movies like these. And Main Aur Mrs. Khanna. Though I understand that Shirish Kunder had noble ideas and planned to turn this into a musical-type of thing (Farah Khan almost succeeds), you really cannot take this love story seriously.

If I remember correctly, this movie had the costliest trailer ever, I have no clue why. If you’re planning to watch this movie: let me warn you, Anupam Kher is a midgety-dwarf. And a bad one at that. I have no clue what this movie aimed to do. Also spoiler alert, there is is Preity Zinta look alike called Preity Zintakova.

The biggest surprise though is Akshay Kumar. He did this movie and then went on to do Joker with Shirish Kunder. What were you think of boss?! Was one movie not good enough for you?!

Watch the video here (take ten minutes out to gape at it):


Day 36: Stop That

Movie: Gambler  (1995)
Song: Stop That
Music Director: Anu Malik
Singers: Devang Patel
Actors (in the song): Govinda

Honestly, I am quite surprised this is only my second Govinda song on this list.

And quite clearly, Devang Patel and Govinda are a combination no one who was alive from the 90s is likely to forget. In Gambler there was another song, Meri Marzi that captured the imagination of this country like no song before that.Not only is Patel the baap of rap in India, he also has his distinct style of inane-ness that no one since has been able to follow.

But most importantly, the lyrics of this song caught my attention this time. There’s a hint of sarcasm that could even be alluding to a dystopian future if you look for it. Or I am just over analysing! 😛

On the other hand it can always be said that the lyricist simply found rhyming words first and then put them together, that’s quite plausible considering that the brief for this song must have been “make it mad”.

Govinda is in his evergreen best here with garish get-ups and moves that can only be his forte. Seriously! Look at step he repeats on loop. It’s weird but very tough to do.

My favourite line is the one I can never forget:

Madhuri Dixit mili raste mein,
Khaaye chane humne saste mein.

(Madhuri Dixit met me on the road,
We ate chickpeas for cheap.)

Enjoy the video here:

Day 34: Tanhai Tanhai

Movie: Koyla (1997)
Song: Tanhai Tanhai
Music Director: Rajesh Roshan
Lyrics: No clue!
Singers: Udit Narayan, Alka Yagnik
Actors (in the song): Shahrukh Khan, Madhuri Dixit.

Koyla belongs to that generation of movies where ‘izzat lootna’ of the mother/sister of every character was common place. Even by those standards, Koyla was a movie that bordered on barbaric and almost ridiculous.

Take for example the innovation with which the songs in this movie present themselves. SRK is mute (for those who didn’t know) but that’s a rather small thing to hamper his songs! SO with some creative usage such as – dream sequences, mouthing the words when someone else sings, more dream sequences, singing songs ‘from the heart’ which the actress understands- our hero manages the lowly hurdle that is singing when you cannot even speak.

Moving on though, the highlight of this song is the picturesque locale it has been shot in (seriously, some places are really breath-taking), do notice certain features of the song, such as SRK styling Madhuri’s hair, the silly signing between them and other miscellaneous actions after which promptly Amrish Puri’s men shoot at Madhuri to break the happy couple up.

I heard this song on radio the other day and hit a realisation- a part of the interlude (3.19-3.37) is the same tune as the base tune of Hum Toh Dil Se Haare from Josh. The funny part is, the music of Josh is by Anu Malik, and Koyla is Rajesh Roshan. So obviously, there had to be a more popular original song from where these two were copied. Sure enough, itwofs to the rescue! The tune is from Conquest of Paradise (start at .15) composed by Vangelis for the Oscar winner Chariots of Fire.

Interestingly, the itwofs post also mentions another song by Rajesh Roshan that inspired the main tune of Tanhai Tanhai. It’s his own song Frenny O Frenny from Khatta Meetha. That’s nice, copying from yourself, Roshan ji! 🙂

Talking on a tangent here, but Khatta Meetha is a movie you should watch. It’s a sweet film about a Parsi widower and widow who decide to marry and bring their families together. Yes, Golmaal 3 came from here. It’s one of those nice movies that just make you smile. Khatta Meetha is also famous for the song Thoda Hain Thode Ki Zaroorat Hain – a name that later inspired a TV drama show (remember that one?!).

Coming back to Tanhai Tanhai, it’s not a song that stands for much. Nothing I liked. It’s just “showing off” on my part on how I catch song tunes out and relate them to others! 😉

You can watch the video here:

Day 9: East Or West/ Tan Tana Tan Tan Tan Tara/ Oonchi Hain Building

Movie: Judwaa (1997)
Song(s): East or West/Tan Tana Tan Tan Tan Tara/ Oonchi Hain Building
Music Director: Anu Malik
Lyrics: Dev Kohli
Singers: Anu Malik/Abhijeet, Poornima/Anu Malik, Poornima
Actors (in the song): Salman Khan, Karishma Kapoor, Rambha.

Remember this movie? Based on a plot that is thinner than paper (twins having no control over their actions and moving as the dominant one does), with songs by Anu Malik that can at the best be described as stupid.

Why are there three songs you ask? A cousin suggested I include the song “East or West India is the Best” in my list. While watching the video, I realised the three most popular songs from this movie fall under the same category! Inane lyrics, silly reading (not singing) by Anu Malik, Salman Khan dancing in his very own style while the others have no clue about what’s happening in the movie or their life!

However cringe-worthy they may be currently, that’s the music that dominated the Hindi film industry throughout the 90s. There is no doubt that they’re extremely entertaining, but really, what were they thinking?! This may be just be me, but I think the back up dancers to the lead actor were so much more fun to watch then than the current ones!

Also, what work did the lyricist do – something something “waah waah”-repeat 8 times and move to chorus. Tan tana tan tan tan tara (!) East or West (Yo!) India is the Best (Yo!) – his contribution being the word “yo!” What is your inspiration, Sir?

“East or West” might have been intended as a tribute to India and it’s people, but it just ends up being a cariacature-ish representation of people. Though, it’s worth watching the video for Salman’s weird dance steps that have rap in the middle and portions so small that I wonder how they were shot. Three-four second scenes? But nothing beats the lyrics. For example:

Birla Tata Waa Waa,
Yahan Ka Aata Waa Waa,
Jooton Mein Bata Waa Waa,
Ladki Ka Chaata Waa Waa.

Funnily enough, Bata is not even an Indian company. -_-

You can watch the video here (Don’t miss the other videos below this):

Let’s move to the second song. What should I say about this song that I haven’t about the previous one? It’s not Anu Malik but Abhijeet who’s singing. Everything else is the same. Exactly the same description. Sample this:

Samajh na mujhko aisa waisa,
Mere batue mein hain paisa,
Tujhe khilaunga main jee bhar ke,
Garam Samosa Idli-yaan Dosa.

You can watch the video here (Don’t miss the other video below this):

Coming to the third song, it’s a cult in itself. It acts as an illustration on how normal conversational sentences can be turned into a song. You need no lyrics! And ditto as the first, by the way.

Tu aage aage main peechein peechein,
Ho chumbak ke tarah mujhko tu kheenchein,
Kaha jaa raha hain ankhiyon ko meechein,
Michael ke cycle ke aayega neechein.

You can watch the video here: