Who Am I?


I’m Utkarsha Kotian, a 22-year-old soon to be English Literature Post-Graduate from Mumbai. I talk a lot and never take a clue on when to shut up. Since I love animated conversations and often people do not want to listen, I blog! I talk about everything.

I previously wrote at utkarshakotian.blogspot.in and I’m still trying to grasp all the ropes to stay afloat here at WordPress. If you see frequent changes in the style and layout of this blog, you know why!

I talk of things I see, hear and read. For most part I blog about everyday events and things that I think (you read the blog title, right?) However, on and off I write about Mumbai, Bollywood, Hindi music and my love for Harry Potter. Right now I am in Montreal till May 2014, so I blog about the city and my impressions as a pseudo tourist. However, this isn’t or I hope isn’t like a travel blog/travelogue.

I am a bad poet and a good listener. An average story writer but an above average story teller. I can weave yarns of tales that could one day clothe everyone in the world. Occasionally, I doodle on Paint and on paper between lectures. I click photographs as a hobby and do not upload them on Instagram! All of this and more is what you will find on this blog that I hope to maintain.

My resolution for 2014 is to read 52 books in 52 weeks and that should, hopefully, form the core of what I am blogging about this year (no guarantee). Since I am extremely adventurous and bite off more than I can chew, I took up a second challenge for myself! On a small twist on 100 Day of Happiness challenge I am doing a 100 Days of Bollywood challenge where I will be posting 100 Bollywood songs beginning on the 10th of April.

Therefore, if you follow me, you are assured one post a day on usual days, and maybe two or three on unusual ones! Want to get in touch with me or simply give me feedback? Go to the Get In Touch section in my blog which is under About Me.. I promise to reply as soon as I can.

This is a personal blog and all opinions expressed here are my own, unless otherwise mentioned.

Read on! Let me shower all my gyaan on you! 🙂


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