About The Challenge

The following is what I posted as my “Challenge” and I look forward to completing it fully and totally. Every word of it. Wish me luck.

I need help, and this is the time you must prove your friendship to me! 

Have I been a good friend to you? Have I been there when you needed me? Have I entertained you with my antics and quips while also being a patient ear to all of your life’s woes? Now is the time to repay me! Yes this is all very dramatic, because this is about drama. A LOT of drama.

If you started the 100 Days of Happiness Challenge (I did not) on the 1st of January 2014, you should’ve finished 100 days on the 10th of April. Too bad if you started late. One of the reasons I didn’t take up the challenge is because I was sure I am more grumpy than happy and certainly don’t have the patience for 100 photographs.

But right now, in a city where I do not understand the language and I am away from the world I have always known, I have found my key to happiness. It is *drum roll* Bollywood! Big surprise, you say? Obviously, if you’ve followed me on Facebook or been a friend/relative for a while, you would know how much I love Bollywood and its songs and everything that resembles the tamasha and kitschy stuff that is Indian Hindi Movies.

Especially in Montreal, I find myself going back to old songs just as much as ones from 90s.

I have tough time ahead of me, and I will not lie that I am dreading it. The next (approximately) 100 days include late nights of work, writing essays that I detest, exams, jet lag, best friend moving, diet, hospitalization and isolation thereafter. Yes, in 100 days. No not the one with Madhuri Dixit in it.

Therefore, I am taking up this challenge for myself – I will be posting one song a day, on Facebook and on my blog (https://utkarshakotian.wordpress.com/) – it could be a YouTube link, a song that I can only find the lyrics of, or a song sung/a cover by someone else. But they will all be Bollywood. How is it different from 100 Days of Happiness? I can have grumpy, sad, depressing songs too, but, the aim is simple, to discover and fall in love with a new song every day. Because even a song on tanhai and birha can make you feel at peace if not happy.

This may seem juvenile, even foolish or too mainstream, but help me here! I am looking for an alternative to the rush and nonsense that life is embroiled in. I enjoy clichéd and “tasteful” Bollywood songs, I am sure you do too. Give me feedback on the songs, suggest ones that you like (on the posts) or simply “like”, but let me know if the songs make a difference to you too. Or if you feel like dancing, because that I would certainly do with you!  But on a serious note, I want to keep this going, because it is a huge commitment, and I want to complete it. Remind me when I am late and then, yell at me for not posting!

If you’re tagged here (applies to Facebook), I know you love Bollywood and would love to join me on this journey, either yourself through your #100daysofbollywood or through mine. This post is public, so I invite you, and you may invite your friends. That’s it!

And yes, go ahead, judge me!  — feeling excited.

There you go! Have a put my knees on the axe or the axe on my knee (Sounds horrible in English), either way, we will know!


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