I take a holiday often, aka the reason people envy me. 

I have an excel sheet that has plans for all my vacations. So I basically research the life out of every place I go to. And places I want to go to. And places I may someday go to.

Which is why, it’s totally out of character for me to do something I didn’t plan and think about in advance. Also, take opinions on. 

This morning, I saw an interesting post where a friend asked for topics to write on, and for the first time, I decided to blog as I thought. Yes, it’s unbelievable that I put in any thought into my posts. But I do. So I put a similar post of mine. 

So here’s a day of random posts about nothing and everything. 
PS. I think this is a major excuse for people to pull my leg and suggest outlandish stuff. Thankfully, they’re not. 


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