“So what’s been up?”

“Well, for four months now I’ve been working everyday. Loving it mostly, but it’s tiring.”

“Oh, so you’re still teaching?”

*cringe* “Yes, why?”

“You are so intelligent, why waste time teaching? I could make a few calls if you’re looking for a job…”

“Ah… See I’m teaching because I want to. I quite like it. It’s not an accident. Me teaching, you know?”

“Obviously, obviously. Quite a noble profession at that. So, how’s your health.”

“It’s much better, thank you.”

“Do you get time to rest with the teaching hours and prep?”

“Not really. But it’s okay, I don’t think I’d have rested even if I were unemployed.”

“Hmm… That’s the problem. Take care, Masterni!”


“Hey! Heard you’re a teacher now!”

“Yes. Though not full time, I don’t have the experience. Still learning how to teach effectively and get them to be interested”

“Oh! So abhi Diwali vacation?”

“No. At the institute I teach, we have two long breaks at the end of semesters and two short ones in the middle.”

“Oh! So… what’s the point of being a teacher? Vacations are your benefits no?”

*cringe* “Mmm.. Not really.”


“Hey! Mummy said you’re teaching!”

“Yes aunty. It’s been a very short while actually.”

“That’s good that’s good. Teachers make good housewives. Plus you already have experience of dealing with children!”

*Cringe* “……..”


“Ma’am, why did you start teaching?”

“I always wanted to. Thought I’d be a journalist first and then look for teaching in that field, but then, this isn’t consolation prize really.”

“But you’re still young. Are you sure you want to do this all your life?”

“For now, yes. I enjoy it.”

“Why? Teachers always say how we’re not a nice batch but they love teaching anyway.”

“You send WhatsApp forwards on silly stuff you don’t mean all the time, correct? When we’re really exasperated, we say stuff to discipline you.”

“I guess what I mean is, you know so much… You’ll leave teaching if you get something better?”

“I’m sure I’ll leave it only if I can’t teach and do what I like together. Otherwise I’ll be here I think.”


“Why did you decide to teach?”

“I’ve been fond of lecturing people for a while now. I think if I can get paid for it, why not.”

“Mmm.. You’ve no experience. You’ll think of it differently soon. I’ve been teaching for long enough to know that.”

“I’ll keep that in mind. Do you mind me teaching? I’ve no experience.”

“You like it, right? So why not. You’re young, the students will connect better with you.”

“I hope they see me as a teacher. Any advice?”

“Naah. You’ll figure it out.”


“Sooooo… It’s been a while. I hear your students hate English!”

“Oh well, not a core subject. I think literature would’ve been preferable to grammar. The gender kids kinda seem happy to listen to me.”

“Oh, it was your calling always.”

“I’m glad you think that way, ma’am.”

“Yes. Just don’t make it your only source of living. You can’t be poor all your life.”



Disclaimer: I don't teach Hindi!


3 thoughts on “Snippets

    • It’s not actually a quote. It’s the literal translation of the subject I taught – Gender: Interdisciplinary Perspectives. My students wrote it on the board one day.. as a joke! 🙂

      Sorry for the VERY late reply!


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