Nicely sums up the Great Indian Facebook Debate on Diwali! ๐Ÿ™‚

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Riding a bike on Diwali night is like being inย a video game. Youโ€™re riding on your bike on dark roads. There are psychedelic sounds and lights around you, changing with every turn on the road.

There are assholic children flinging crackers and you have to evade them. You have one life and limited health (with or without insurance).

Come Diwali, a certain type of moralistic messages creep up on your wall. Donโ€™t pollute nature, think of the environment, etc etc. But what most people donโ€™t realise is that it is really kids who do it. After a certain age, you outgrow it. You sit back and notice people, and write blogs about it.

I think it is a little hypocritical that after celebrating Diwali in the way we did, we suddenly turn all Baba Jogeshwar on kids and ask them to save the environment. I mean, how often have youโ€ฆ

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