…12 weeks later…

It’s a strange feeling when you make your hobby a habit and it gets to your nerves after a while. I guess that’s what I did when I decided to take on the 100DaysofBollywood challenge for myself – I turned my Bollywood trivia love overtake my common sense. After years of being brainwashed on why you should keep work and hobbies different, I made the same mistake!

Never mind, this is just an update: I am done with my Bollywood challenge, there are 44 posts in my drafts folder that I had very meticulously planned and written throughout the time I was supposed to do the challenge, now, I will simply post one song a day from my drafts folder. Maybe later next month I might even find the energy to update on the past two months.

The book challenge? I am pleased to inform you that it is still working on schedule. 🙂 I have been reading a book a week, the only thing I haven’t done -posting about the books! Before this challenge ends (at the end of this year), I am pretty sure I’d catch up. Or this is just me being too optimistic as usual.

My blog now feels like my own again. After a while, my Bollywood posts took off in a way I never anticipated them to. It made me want to play to the gallery – bring in more nostalgia – more obscure facts and scrounge more. What started as a daily exercise to wind off soon turned into a test of will and patience.

The views graph has almost flat-lined with a few v-tachs here and there – yup, we almost lost the blog! But here I am again, hopefully, with a better grip on where we are going.

So if you’re still reading me, still hoping you might show find a gem or two here – I will try and not disappoint you! Here’s me, after 12 weeks of solid rejuvenation! 😀


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