Day 27: Meri Neend Udd Gayi Hai

Album: Kabhi Yeh Kabhi Woh (2002)
Song: Meri Neend Udd Gayi Hain
Band: A Band of Boys (ABOB)
Music Director: Leslie Lewis (Though I could be wrong)
Lyrics: I’ve no clue!
Singers: Karan Oberoi, Sudhanshu Pandey, Chaitanya Bhosale, Siddharth Haldipur, Sherrin Varghese.
Actors (in the song): ABOB.

Taking off from my previous posts about albums and non-film music in India, here’s A Band of Boys – India’s answer to the boy bands of the West.

ABOB was for all practical purposes good looking men (most of them were models) who could also sing decently. All their songs fall in the mainstream pop genre and they came from a talent hunt similar to Channel V Popstars.

While I remember Sherrin from Movers and Shakers, he was the vocalist of The Rubber Band, I have no clue which movie I’ve seen him in (I swear I saw him in one). Interestingly, Siddharth Haldipur’s brother Sangeet was in Aasma; the duo later turned music directors for movies and if I am not wrong then Aa Zara featuring Yana Gupta/Jacqueline Fernandes is their composition (confirmed by Wikipedia).

Karan Oberoi was in Jassi Jaisi Koi Nahi and Sudhanshu Pandey (my favourite of the five) was a model whom you can still see in a lot of ads and I keep spotting him in movies such as Singham and Singh is King. For most part I was happy that at least he was still on TV unlike the others. That’s till I saw him as one of the back-up dancers in Lungi Dance. He’s to the immediate right of SRK in the first scene and then to the left and keeps meandering throughout; and the one who puts the straw in the coconut that SRK is holding at 00.16 etc. Watch the Lungi Dance video and join me in my disappointment.

Anyway, Meri Neend was ABOB’s biggest hit which gave competition to Kaliyon ka Chaman, but my favourites also included Gori, Aa Ja Meri Jaan and Nain Katari.

The songs from this genre, are different from the ones I mentioned in the Lucky Ali post. Simply because those were primarily about the music, these are about the videos! ABOB cannot sing, and VIVA!, Aasma were more about the packaging than the singing (though the singers did well individually – Anushka Manchanda, Neha Bhasin, Neeti Mohan are still on the film circuit).

Ganesh Hegde’s Main Deewana is the only song I distinctly remember being close to the teen-following the bands enjoyed. Though Hegde’s video was much better than all of these bands put together! Adnan Sami, Falguni Pathak, Fakir’s Maahi Ve, Bally Sagoo’s Gur Naal Ishq, Bombay Vikings etc. are my favourites in this category.

You can watch Meri Neend here (sorry for the bad quality):


2 thoughts on “Day 27: Meri Neend Udd Gayi Hai

    • Oh yes! How can I forget the Shahid Kapoor video! 🙂

      As for the back up dancers, it’s something I picked up as a kid: the ones behind are not only better dancers but can also be really funny. So after a come of times of watching the video, my eyes invariably wander to the ones behind! 😉


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