The Perks of Being Pretty

Ever been smug because a girl who was pretty got preferential treatment just because she was pretty? Or have a grouse against pretty women in positions of power?

My friend Tejas did a guest post by asking two Indian female bloggers if the International stereotypes and pretty girl advantage apply to all and sundry. The length and breadth of the conversation between them might just stun you! 🙂

Getting Loquacious

A few months ago I had come across this Reddit thread (I know its a weird question, but what is it like to be a hot girl?) and the discussion there had stayed with me. Then recently, I felt the sudden urge to explore the topic in some detail. So I asked four of my (“conventionally pretty”) friends to write about it. I told them to answer the question: Do pretty girls enjoy the “beauty privilege”? Two of them obliged. Here are their responses.


Pretty Oblivious

Ankita Patil

Ankita A friend of mine asked me if I’d be open to writing something about the advantages that pretty girls have, in terms of getting stuff done for themselves.

We’ve all heard of this, surely. Do the pretty girls intentionally turn on their appeal to achieve an end? Or are they simply unaware that that which they thought to be…

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