Day 24: Dekha Hain Aise Bhi

Album: Sifar (1998)
Song: Dekha Hain Aise Bhi
Music Director: No clue!
Lyrics: I’ve no clue!
Singers: Lucky Ali
Actors (in the song): Lucky Ali.

One of the best part of being born in the 90s was that I was a witness to a curious shift in the mindset of Indians and India. Not old enough to comprehend it then, I realise now how the new economy affected all that we consumed. Through movies, songs and even everyday reminders in our lives.

Lucky Ali, Shaan, Silk Route, Junoon, Strings, Euphoria, KK were the albums I grew up on, the album music culture that died a little after early 200s. The kind of music I sorely miss today in the time of remix! Remember Puraani Jeans? A song I totally comprehended almost 15 years after I first saw it.

Carrying on with my theme from yesterday of travel and being alone, here’s my favourite Lucky Ali song (after O Sanam). It’s a mix of messages like all his songs. There is lonliness, re-birth, love, mystery and the part I love the most – no resolution! His music videos are poetry, they’re short stories from bigger epics – just an episode from life. Yes, I do miss these music videos where women gyrating was not a given. Nor was Chaar Botal Vodka (whatever the aim of that be).

Raise your hands if you miss the entire phase of pop music and artists who existed outside of the film business! 🙂

You can enjoy the video here:


15 thoughts on “Day 24: Dekha Hain Aise Bhi

  1. I can’t even begin to tell you what a wonderful can of memories you’ve opened here! I have been a huge fan of Lucky Ali’s ever since I saw O Sanam. And this song, then Anjaani raahon mein, Nahi rakhta dil mein kuch, Kitni haseen zindagi hai yeh (with such a cute Malaika Arora in the video) and especially Tu kaun hai have been my most played songs ever! So much that I’ve spoiled a cassette once by rewinding and playing the songs over and over again. I love this guy. Thank you Utkarsha!


  2. Also, he is probably the guy who gave me wanderlust. I mean, just look at his videos! Such wonderful places in them. Even the rural India portrayed in Anjaani raahon mein and the urban India in Kitni Haseen Zindagi hai yeh are just breathtaking!


  3. Raising my hands as you asked

    Lucky Ali was amazing. I lovveeeeeddd Gori Teri Aankhen. I remember there was another song of his that was famous back then. Can’t remember it now. But yes, I miss the pop culture too. Today’s beats are too jarring.


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