Day 18: Mera Dil Le Gayi O Kammo Kidhar

Movie: Ziddi(1997)
Song: Mera Dil Le Gayi O Kammo Kidhar
Music Director: Sameer Sen-Dilip Sen
Lyrics: No Clue!
Singers: Lalit Sen
Actors (in the song): Sunny Deol.

Ever had that moment when a childhood moment was completely ruined when you discovered something about a beloved TV show that made you feel betrayed and deserted? I’m having that now. More on that later.

Last week a friend suggested I include this song on my list and I completely jumped at the offer since now I had support, also because the choice for me was between this song and “Sheher Ki Ladki“. And Sunny Deol won hands down!

Watch Sunny Deol do warm-up for some sport in this song from 1.17-1.25. It’s funny and no-brains entertainment similar to the movie. Ziddi literally means to be obstinate- Sunny Deol is stubborn to be the messiah of men. That’s him literally the same role in every movie I can recall.

I am not commenting on neither the lyrics nor the music today, because there’s something that happened today. I started this day on a nice note, everything worked fine, I was sorting through my list of songs and found this one, hummed it for a good part of the day and decided to make it the song of the day. The hitch? IT’S PLAGIARIZED. I can feel my disappointment and rage on the keyboard at this moment.

After watching the video a couple of times I noticed the comments below, the very first comment mentions that it is copied. I immediately did a search and discovered, that yes, it has a Pakistani counterpart with the exact same tune. As expected. With practically the same lyrics. Not expected.

Earlier this year for the “Talent Round” of my University’s Best Student competition, I presented Bollywood’s talent in stealing music and tunes. The obvious ones are Bappi Lahari, Anu Malik, Pritam and the not so obvious ones include Rahman, R.D. Burman etc. It’s been on for years and nobody basically bothered to tell our movie-waalas that Boss, this is wrong.

Billo De Ghar is the original tune of Kammo Kidhar (see the lyrical similarity?) by Pakistani pop singer Abrar-Ul-Haq. It released a year before Ziddi did, so clearly, we know who copied whom. Not just the tune and the lyrics, but even the Bhangra beats and some portions of the choreography are the same. Really, ye too much ho gaya.

Anyway, I cannot help but laugh at the hypocrisy of it all. A man who built a major part of his career on movies with hate propaganda against Pakistan, did war and partition themed-stories for more than a decade dances on a song stolen from an artist of the same country. I don’t think it’s entirely fair to blame Sunny Deol for the song, it’s the music director. But anyway, Karma they say…

My pick? The original one! It’s better, funny and even though the print may not be clear, it’s more hilarious than Sunny Deol.

P.S. If you’re interested, is a brilliant website maintained by a certain Karthik who has the most comprehensive list of songs, tuned copied from International artists. I’ve been following him for close to 5 years now, his work is a tremendous boost to the call for original music in Hindi cinema.

Hope you enjoyed the destruction of one of the most fun songs from my childhood. -_-

In retrospect, I should neither be shocked nor disappointed, this is how it has been for the longest time. Thank you for reading this song rant!

You can watch the stolen song here:

And the original here:


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