Day 8: Garaj Baras Saawan Ghir Aayo

Movie: Paap (2004)
Song: Garaj Baras Saawan Ghir Aayo
Music Director: Ali Azmat
Lyrics: Ali Azmat, Sabir Zafar
Singers: Ali Azmat (in the video accompanying this post it is Rahat Fateh Ali Khan as well).
Actors (in the song): John Abraham, Udita Goswami.

Thinking of when it will rain in India? It’s already been raining here in Montreal. That’s a tangent I went on while listening to this song.

Though the song has really nothing to do with the rains, the lyrics literally are about the rain and the thunder. Paap is one of those movies with a great potential in the script that’s absolutely ruined thanks to it’s lead actors. John Abraham is so bad that it’s painful to see him try. While Udita Goswami is slightly better, they both fail horribly when pitted against the likes of Mohan Agashe and Gulshan Grover (in another stereotypical “Bad Man” role).

This song along with Lagi Tumse Mann Ki Lagan (incidentally it is Rahat Fateh Ali Khan’s first in Bollywood) are the saving grace of the movie. I think the movie should also be credited with paving the way for a lot of Pakistani music and artists into mainstream Bollywood movies.

I first heard Ali Azmat as a kid. Sayonee, his song with his erstwhile band Junoon and his brand of sufi music is so famous that I doubt there was any kid in the Indian Subcontinent with access to a TV who hadn’t heard it. It’s one of those songs that you understand nothing of but is so soulful that it just remains with you.

Garaj Baras… is another such song that I had no clue of the meaning when it first released. But the song remained with me till I saw a performance of the same by Rahat Fateh Ali Khan and Ali Azmat on Coke Studio. That’s the version I am sharing because it is easier on the eyes (and ears) than the version that’s from the movie Paap.

There’s not much to say here, but I feel that the two styles of music that Khan and Azmat follow might intersect at some point further on the road. However, this performance is not one of the best intersections (as I realised towards the end.) Enjoy the song nevertheless!

The verse I like the most:

Yeh zindagi rango mein dubegi,
surmai shaam ye bhulegi na kabhi.

Koi toh baatein ho aankhon se aankhon ki,
pyaar ki roshni jalti bujhti hui.

(This life will be submerged in colours,
never will the dark night forget this.
Let some talk happen between the eyes/from your eyes to mine
as the light of love lights up and extinguishes.)

On the request of a friend who follows my blog but wrote to me to say doesn’t understand Hindi, I will be translating my favourite lines everyday from now  on, I don’t guarantee that it is the best translation though. 🙂

Not the video from the movie, but enjoy!


2 thoughts on “Day 8: Garaj Baras Saawan Ghir Aayo

  1. I didn’t know that this song was sung by Ali Azmat! Wah! Sayonee has been a favorite since childhood. I remember singing it at the top of my voice inside the house after watching them perform on Zee Cine Awards and getting thoroughly reprimanded for it by my uncle.

    But of all songs of Paap, I like ‘Mann ki lagan’ the most.


    • Yes! Mann ki lagan is a personal favourite too, but not among all the work by Rahat Fateh Ali Khan though.

      Garaj Baras has a different feel and sound to it that I rarely find in songs in Hindi, I cannot even describe it! 🙂


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