Day 6: Nahi Saamne

Movie: Taal (1999)
Song: Nahi Saamne
Music Director: A.R.Rahman
Lyrics: Anand Bakshi
Singers: Hariharan, Sukhwinder Singh
Actors (in the song): Akshaye Khanna, Aishwarya Rai.

As expected, here’s another song by Rahman in this list. Taal was one of the first soundtracks by Rahman that I loved every track of. Without a doubt it is also amongst his best five in Hindi. In this song he comes together with Hariharan to weave a magic that is unique to them (others that come to mind are Tu Hi Re, Chanda Re, Aye Hairathe Aashiqui, Roja Jaaneman).

While Taal as a movie was totally dependent on it’s music for its fame, this song is the gem of the soundtrack with the usage of sitar as a main instrument (reminds me Rahman’s perfect use of shehnai in the song Rehna Tu from Dilli 6) along with the unforgettable rendition of a single word “Priyasi” in a number of ways by Hariharan.

The video however has always been a let down for me. Akshaye Khanna was never the one I thought could pull of this song, Anil Kapoor may be. But close your eyes and enjoy this song, it is worth Rahman’s effort to totally ignore the video. Therefore, I am sharing a different version from the original, this one is Rahman live in concert with Hariharan singing this song with minor tweaks along the way. I prefer this one.

While listening to this song over and over sometime last month, I realised there are vocals by Sukhwinder Singh too! And Wikipedia confirms it for me. What  stumps me whenever I am sorting playlists is, where does this song go? Is it happy? Sad? Hopeful? Mourning the loss of a lover? It’s really all of them. The perfect example of grey emotions.

Besides the opening two lines of the song, here are my favourite ones:

Bichhad ke bhi mujhse, juda toh nahi,
Khafa hain  magar, bewafa toh nahi.

(Even though you’re away from me, we’re not separate,
You may be angry, but not dis-loyal/unfaithful to me.)

On the request of a friend who follows my blog but wrote to me to say doesn’t understand Hindi, I will be translating my favourite lines everyday from now  on, I don’t guarantee that it is the best translation though. 🙂

In case you’ve never had the pleasure of hearing the maestro Rahman and Hariharan live, here’s the video you must watch:


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