Day 4: Yeh Dil Deewana

Movie: Pardes (1997)
Song: Ye Dil Deewana
Music Director: Nadeem Shravan
Lyrics: Anand Bakshi
Singers: Sony Niggam
Actors (in the song): Shahrukh Khan, Mahima Choudhary, Apurva Agnihotri

This is one song that I can never have enough of! Everything about the song is perfect, the lyrics, to Sony Niggam, SRK, the long driving scene in the dessert and obviously all the places SRK dances in.

Why this song suddenly? My roommate from Paris is a HUGE fan of SRK. After two days of talking to her about him and his movies (she calls him George Clooney of India), we came to Niagara today. The streets of Niagara are fun, there are haunted mansions, museums and incidentally a wax museum with SRK’s statue. Immediately, this song came into my head because my surroundings are so similar! (Not the Las Vegas part but wherever it is that SRK dances with dolls at.)

The highlight of this song is Sonu Niggam. I doubt there is a single person who doesn’t like the way he “ooh”s and “aah”s in the song! It is simply impossible to ignore how earnestly he sings this song. Especially in the chorus line of “Phir bhi yaad ussi ko karta hain yeh diilllll”. The “dil” always makes mine melt.

I don’t think much can be said about the movie though. It is one those movies that I watch only for the songs. This one and a couple of others (hopefully some other day). I love what Nadeem Shravan have done to the music in this song where it is in equal parts fast paced with a western feel and about the very Indian way of dealing with heartbreaks, running away! 😛

Random thoughts: 1. How did Anand Bakshi decide to insert the random verse “God Saves The Man..” etc etc.? It doesn’t even gel with the music, it’s like a break in the entire feeling. I always cringe when I hear the melody that leads to this piece.

2. What is a grown man doing in Disneyland when he is supposedly grieving?! 😛

3. Portion from 5.09 to 5.16 is a green screen? The dance moves look like they weren’t shot on site. (See what I did there?)

My favourite lines:

Dil Kaisa Be Peer Hain, Wo Ek Tasveer Hain,
Main Kehta Hoon Tod De, Kehta Hain Zanjeer Hain.

Makes me go “Waah! Waah!” everytime. Time to shut the overanalysis.

Do you agree with me? Do watch the video and comment.


8 thoughts on “Day 4: Yeh Dil Deewana

  1. I like the movie too. Coz its one of the last (Good ones) of Subash Ghai.
    I miss him and his movies! sigh
    Also, Nadeem Shravan disappeared too after this.
    Though, I prefer “Meri Mehbooba” and “Do Dil Mil Rahe Hai” over this, I wouldn’t cross this one out either.
    My favourite lines, “Aashiq hai ye chor nahi hai mein kya karu, dil pe mera zor nahi hai mein kya karu” 😀 😀


      • Sorry lady…. 🙂
        Please ask your friend to see my new article on SRK.
        I hope she finds it interesting. 🙂
        Also i would like to introduce to another blogger who blogs about movies. Currently he is not writing about bollywood but that guy has immense knowledge on Movies.


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