Day 1: Maya Machindra

Movie: Hindustani (1996)
Song: Maya Machindra
Music Director: A.R. Rahman
Singers: S.P.Balasubhramanyam and Swarnalatha
Actors (in the song): Kamal Hassan and Manisha Koirala

If you were a kid who was born in the late 80s or early 90s in India, you would knowΒ this movie called Hindustani (Indian in Tamil and Bharathayeedu in Telugu). Clearly, Kamal Hassan and the graphics used in the movie were enough to make it a hit, it even won a National Award for Special Effects.

The part that entertains me has always been the out-of-this-world music that this movie had. It had everything, inane lyrics (thank you P.K. Mishraji) that made no sense whatsoever, music from Rahman himself, beautiful locations.. I mean how could it not be a hit?! (This is not the last you hear of this movie!)

Though the other songs from this movie are clearly more popular now for the sheer stupidity or awesomeness (whichever way you look at it) of their lyrics, this song stuns me to no end! Then there is the obviously entertaining part where the lip-sync doesn’t match the song lyrics because it was shot in Tamil and dubbed into Hindi. It also has Manisha Koirala and Kamal Hassan in Mughal costumes, Egypt-inspired dance steps, SPB in his trademark smile-in-voice singing with a funny accent to Hindi that I enjoy to no end whenever I hear him. If that were it, this would be an average song.

But what makes this song beyond the ordinary is that it had Kamal Hassan do a Dashavatar even before he did Dashavatar. I mean, look at him! The man begins as a smokey-ghost sort of being, turns into a warrior in a skirt, a vampire, Β a lion, horse, hawk and a Komodo Dragon (!) in the song! A Komodo Dragon for heaven’s sake!

The part that cannot be emphasised enough on, is the lyrics. My favourite part:

“Phulvaari phulvaari, divyadhaam ki phulvaari,
Aaunga sab kuch de dunga..
Tu bhi hain mardaana, main bhi hoon mastani,
Pyaar ki, baja le Dholaki!”

Could someone tell me what this even means?! Gardens of the divine knowledge, I will come and give all. You are masculine, I am lively, come play the drums of love! It’s hilarious even if you don’t translate it. And while we are on lyrics, Maya Machindra is apparently the Mahasiddha Matsyendranath. I have no clue why these lyrics were written, but they’re sooo entertaining, I will not even complain!

Enjoy the video and all feedback is welcome! πŸ˜€


5 thoughts on “Day 1: Maya Machindra

  1. I love this song AND the movie. The old Kamal Haasan doing Kung Fu and killing with a blow to the neck and that news show where he kills a politician. Damn! That’s stuff for legends! And that komodo dragon… hahahaha! BTW, this song reminds me of a Nayak song. I think you know which one πŸ˜‰


  2. You forgot to mention, the scenes are reminiscent of MJ’s “Remember The Time”… the Egyptians, the small skirt (though MJ wore it on black slacks) and of course, MJ used a cat while we Indians being what we are, love things on a larger scale hence the bigger cat – the lion! :p


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