Fire and Snow.

This was not supposed to be my first post about Montreal. And certainly not what I planned! But this is too good to resist and I’m waayyyyy to excited to not blog about it!

I had my first fire drill today.

Read further only if you’re interested because there’s nothing interesting about a fire drill!

I started my internship officially today and then went and bought groceries, met a happy Bangladeshi man who gave me free samosas (story for another post) and then settled with a mug of hot soup. Then, suddenly, it all went whaaaaaaaaaaam! The sirens rang continously and I just looked at my roommates -Fariza and Jennifer- shrugged, and grabbed stuff and left the room.

Here’s a interesting bit of trivia about me: I’m scared of fire accidents. Terribly horrified of people burning alive. It tops my list of ways-in-which-I-don’t-want-to-die. Right on the top with violent attack by predatory birds. Obviously, I always have a mental map of things I need to grab when I leave the house frantically in case of fire (I’ve made sure my family knows the procedure too). So there we were, in a corridor  of people in various stages of undress looking dazed and yelling in French. I was so proud of myself having grabbed my mobile phone, coat, scarf and a wallet with my money, card and passport, consciously left the bag and laptop which I could’ve stuffed and taken, but didn’t. Go figure.

The pride lasted till I reached the snow outside the building and realised I wasn’t wearing socks, and people were actually walking out with three bags. REALLY? THREE? What do you do? Wait for a fire alarm to just get out with all the bags? -_- We were moved to the opposite building, that is UQAM, and just waited. It wasn’t assuring that no one had a clue whether it was a fire or a drill but really nice that it wasn’t at 1am (as was the last time that Fariza remembers). image

In ten minutes, we marched up the stairs to our fifth floor rooms and concurred that it might have been someone stupid who left the stove on after cooking, because the fire trucks showed up in two minutes. Sheesh. My hot soup is now as good as the snow outside.

PS. I’m still trying to figure how to pack and leave with three bags in a minute.

PPS. Is it weird I wasn’t worried about the over 100 pages of work I’ve painstakingly done over the last two months?! Hmpf.


5 thoughts on “Fire and Snow.

  1. The thing about 3 bags is valid. The whole point of a fire drill is that it should ‘drill’ you into being prepared for such an emergency and when it happens, you shouldn’t be aware that it is actually a drill, you should just run for it.
    We have regular fire drills where I work. Unfortunately, everyone there knows that it is a drill and don’t really take it seriously. They just stroll around and walk towards the exit like they’re leaving a cinema!
    Now, it may seem funny, but it isn’t. What this does is that it dulls your reaction time. In case of a real fire, you will take *that much* extra time to figure out that it is for real and *then* make a dash for it. Those extra seconds might just be the difference between you living to tell the tale and.. you know.
    So next time, be prepared with your bag(s) and be sure to keep backup copies of all your work. I can’t believe that even after having so many incidents where you’ve lost your work, you still haven’t come around to taking secure backup! Facepalm!
    Well, anyway. Glad that you’re having fun in Canada and that it wasn’t really a major fire. Take care and keep writing

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  2. Thats indeed an exciting experience on a usually cold quite Canadian wintry day.. enough for a Thanekar to start blogging in Montreal..
    And by the way, fire trucks arrive in 2 minutes even if its a drill.. Thats the perfection that Canadians or Canadiens (in ‘montreal’) are know for.
    Theres much more to come through this journey.. So stay put.. Bon Voyage

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