Week Two: The Book of Humour by Ruskin Bond.

There were supposed to be four posts by now, but this is only the second! Though I am continuing with my weekly book promise to myself, writing a post about it too is proving to be quite a task! Here’s to hoping I improve soon! This book was read from 7th January to 12th!

Short Mein Bole Toh: I wish I had a life as wonderful as Bond’s. If nothing, then an uncle as eccentric as his.
If you’ve time, then please read the rest of my opinion of this book.
Perhaps the first Ruskin Bond story I read was Night Train to Deoli. It was in the Maharashtra State Board English textbook along with Lady on Platform Number 8 and The Cherry Tree. I remember thinking then that the story was so good, it would make such a beautiful and haunting movie.
I’ve read scores of books by him including his biographical stories, books on road trips, places, people etc., but never an anthology solely on humour. The Book of Humour is divided into several parts that are all “crazy”. Crazy relatives, crazy places, crazy animals etc. and ends with Crazy Writer.
He signed my book at the Times Literary Carnival '14! :) I'm the one in green.

He signed my book at the Times Literary Carnival ’14! ๐Ÿ™‚
I’m the one in green.

My most favourite among all would be about the crazy crow that is the first story of the second part. In a book that is laced with the typical brand of Bond’s humour, it is difficult to not like anything, frankly. But my fear of birds aside, this crow was nice. The story makes you wonder exactly what would have prompted Bond to think from a crow’s perspective. If this story is inspired by true incidents, then I think I would be perfectly cast in the role of one who is tormented by the crow! ๐Ÿ™‚

If you’ve read his writing before, then you know that humour and quirky writing comes to Bond effortlessly. It’s the underlying feeling even in his ghost stories! With this book, he raises the notch another level. It’s mirth and emotion along with a dash of introspection into the life of everyday Indians who stay in a world very different from mine.
I was hooked to this book, I laughed in trains, buses and outside the dentist’s waiting room. Made people wonder what on earth was wrong with me when I giggled at the silly events in Bond’s life. The stories never let you off once its fangs are dug into you. Give it a read.
I’ve gifted friends, younger cousins, my teachers etc. with a Ruskin Bond book for a long time now. Reading this book made me appreciate the author and realise how generations of readers could read his works and still enjoy them. I’m glad I gift his books to people!
Who Should Read:ย Anyone who can read. Or can be read to. Seriously.
Who Should Not Read:ย I cannot, for the life of me, think of anyone who would not want to read this book!

4 thoughts on “Week Two: The Book of Humour by Ruskin Bond.

  1. Hi Utkarsha.. PLZ PLZ HELP ME!!! I had this story in my english textbook of 11 or 12th STD.. I want to know the title of this story.I have been searchin for months now.

    The story goes like this- There is a small boy who is mentally weak &lives with his mother. He often fall asleep in classroom, school bus etc. the only thing he likes is the lemonade and cookies which his mom cooks for him when he comes back from school. One day while he was retuenin to his house from school he senses something is wrong with his house as the curtains are not flying,there is unusual silenceโ€ฆ and later he realizes that his mom had died a week ago and now he lives with his aunt down the mountain. He gets lump in his throat and tears starts rolling down his cheeks.


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