The New Year!

Happy New Year!
Hope you have lots of fun this year.
Now let’s get to the news: I’ve taken up a challenge this year. Unlike my very straightforward, SAVE MONEY, this year’s resolution is to READ MORE. And if that sounds vague then here goes what I’ve planned:

  1.  I’ll read a book a week and post what I thought of it here every weekend.
  2.  I’ve a rough list ready of what I have to read and then I just go with the flow.
  3.  I’m not doing book reviews. They take effort and time. I’ll give my opinion, hopefully with no spoilers! If you want reviews for books, go to Bookhad. 
  4. The second part of this resolution/challenge is the fact that I keep posting here. The blog has regular posts too, or so I hope!
Easy peasy?
I’ve had only four days with Book #1 of this year. SO the opinion should be up by tomorrow. Also, this is not an exercise into reading more because I don’t read much now; this is because I want to read more and barely make any time for it at all!
I’m making a list of all the books I want to read, if you’ve an input or something you absolutely want me to read (fiction, non-fiction, comics, picture books), I’m open to knocking off a few from my list!

PS. Check out the absolutely awesome Aamil here. He’s doing a book challenge of 130 books this year. He’ll do one every 3 days. Or so he thinks!

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