Imagining a dreamy hallucination…

I am sitting on some steps, right next to my building, with a stranger on the opposite side (Don’t even remember the face now), when a space ship appears, with the words “Udan Khatola” written across it. The man on the opposite side points his finger at the space ship, and disappears. Then I see some friend driving the space ship, and he asks me if I want a ride. I scream.

That’s a dream I saw a while back. Nothing special about it. Except for the fact that I am bragging about my absolutely horrendous “paint” skills.

Presenting before you: “Inside Utkarsha’s Head” – A visual representation of what I saw. Or didn’t. 🙂

Umm..did I mention that the material that the space ship was made from was something similar to the plastic that SINTEX tanks are made from?


10 thoughts on “Imagining a dreamy hallucination…

  1. Woahoho! Crazy. You actually took the effort with Paint! That is so cool, I could interpret it, but I'll hold my tongue till you offer an interpretation of your own first 😛


  2. hey uttu paint my dream as well na..remember i had told u ….in which u r getting married outside dadar station,and the entire pavitra rishta crew had cum to attend ur wedding???…and btw u had not invited me..:(((


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