Once upon a time, I had a friend, who was true to me and gave me much joy. Through the friend I met so many other people, all of who became close to me. My friend gave me the benefit of doubt and let me speak to people as I wished and even share my joys as well as all that intrigued me. Soon, I hung out only with this friend and discovered a completely new world hitherto unknown to me.
But then came along another friend, whom I hung out more often, because my old friend had run out all resources available on me and there was nothing new for me to hold on to. I kid myself saying that I could be the ideal friend and hangout with both. But soon the new friend found me even better candies and a cooler group of activities.
I let the old friend go, without as much as a good bye. I was evil. My friend was dying, everyone said so, but I was not around. I was engrossed with the new friend. I still think of my friend sometimes, the first one, and wonder what happened. But I stop right there, just wonder.
My new friend meanwhile grew on to control me. And I let myself be controlled. I was after all hanging out with better and even funnier people now. We were all cool. We poked fun at my old friend, never stopping to think of all that had happened in the quest to be with the times. Times change. And they did!
I realised what the new friend was doing to me, and decided to let go and not have a friend at all. But all the people who came to me because I was with the new friend went away too. I convinced myself and found a middle way. I would spend only as much time as I would need to meet people and enjoy/benefit from the interaction. I missed the old times and wondered what happened to my friend.
They tell me now my new friend is dying. And very soon will. The doctor says in a few days a miracle is expected to better my new friend’s health. Will I hang on? Will I give up my new friend for a newer friend with better perks? Once all the people I know because of the new friend are also taken by the newer friend, I will inevitably move on too.
My new friend is dying. My newer friend on the other hand is most sought after now. Will my new friend ever survive the higher standards of cool that my newer friend is reaching? Probably yes, probably no. Will I stand by my new friend on the death bed? I do not know. Even as I see my new friend dying, I am smiling at my newer friend. With my newer friend, I see my friend. My first friend. Both staring down my new friend.
My new friend is dying, and I am watching. RIP Facebook.

4 thoughts on “Dying…

  1. Hey Good trail……i loved to read it….after the entry of ur newer frnd i was able to understand your concept…..good work, keep it up πŸ™‚


  2. Urggghhhhh… Utkarsha, I would have surely killed you if you were here. πŸ˜› I was reading with so much emotions n all and when I read the last two words, I was like- WTF!!!!

    Excellent!!!!! Keep it up.


  3. @Haritha abuchi… πŸ™‚ Thank you.
    @Abu.. πŸ˜€ Thanks! You commented after a long time!
    @Tejas… bhai tu bimaar hain! Pehle wo soch fir mujhe maarne aa! DO your emotions reduce because of what I was writing about? πŸ™‚


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