Spot the Difference

Conversation 1:
Mother: Why do you keep your phone next to you when you sleep?
Daughter: So that I can attend calls.
Mother: Don’t lie. You will message in the middle of the night.
Daughter: Who will be awake then? Also I think I may have to take some urgent calls.
Mother: Such silly reasons! No CM or PM will call you. Did you read the paper yesterday? You might get arthritis because of all that messaging!
Daughter: Okay. (Silence….)
Conversation 2:

Mother: Why do you need to keep your phone under your pillow when you sleep?
Daughter: What if it rings when I am sleeping and it is an urgent call?
Mother: Why can’t you keep it outside? You can always go out and pick it up!
Daughter: I won’t hear it ringing. And by the time I get up and get outside the call might get cut.
Mother: Nonsense! Which Birla Ambani will call you? You will only spoil your health. Do you know the amount of radiation that phone gives out? It will damage your brain permanently.
Daughter: Okay. (Silence…..)
I seriously won’t blame you if you can’t find a change in the type of conversation or its tone. But believe me or no, the first one is a standard conversation between my mom and me/my sister. And the second is a conversation that happened last month when we were at my maternal grandmother’s place. And she was yelling at my mom, her daughter! Gem of a piece I tell you! J
Did someone say generation gap? 😛

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