The crocodile who does the dishes…

The vacations have had different meaning for me over the years. Back in school, it used to be a cool time to hang out with friends, play till you were drenched in sweat, visit places, then hang out with a gola in hand.
In junior college, it was more of a break from the SSC-HSC competition and spent mostly in tutorials preparing for what we planned to do in degree. And now, once in BMM it’s the time for the internship hunt. After making my work fun last year, I decided to stay home this summer and simple “build” my health and enjoy my LAST summer vacation.
Guess what? In less than a month since my exams have ended, I have now perfected one thing. To be a crocodile. Yes you read that right!
All that I do after getting up in the morning is lie down, on my stomach, first in the bedroom, then the living room, alternately. And I must say I have perfected the task at hand. I do nothing for the first 6-7 hours of my day. Simply curse the heat and get back to lying down aimlessly.
My mother, obviously, doesn’t take kindly to this.
So, now this crocodile also does the chores. Chutti mein to kuch kaam kar! Which by the way, involves, washing the vessels when the kaamwaali bai takes an off. And guess what? I can’t even complain “Tai tumchya ghari bhaandi khup aahet!” (Too many vessels in your house, sister.)
Last night, after the second day off in a row, I washed vessels post dinner. At 10.45pm to be precise. So now here are some of my top five findings from this late night excursion.
  1. Banging the vessels at the end of the day is a lovely way to unwind.
  2. Washing vessels is an easier and energy saving way of venting out your anger.
  3. Your hands may become rough, but the diversion of the frustration at the vessels keeps your relationships soft (or wherever they were previously).
  4. Attempting to finish a research paper in 24hrs is a lot easier than getting the malai off the doodh ka bartan.
  5. Although playing music is helpful when you’re to do this task; your mom won’t object to you screaming “Mala zaau dya na ghari aata vaazle ki baara” at the top of your voice, as long as the dishes are getting done! *wicked grin*

There is something so depraving about removing the food from the mori, so that the sink doesn’t get choked up, that it actually is very liberating. You’ve finally overcome your disgust at touching the remains of 8-9 dishes from last night, which might even include the remains of half chewed drumsticks and tomato pulp. *shivers*
I always wondered, why non-Indians did the dishes post supper. It’s usually done in the daylight in most Indian families. I know the reason now; it’s a nice way to be happy when you’ve had a bad day and most of all, the best way to enjoy some moments of solitude without complaints of being unproductive.
By the way, in these odd 30 days, I’ve also made paneer kofta, fried palak puris (both of which were eaten by 10 people and all of them are very much alive.), cleaned out my bookshelves and my clothes’ cupboards, wiped all surfaces of the house more that thrice, successfully opened a jar of honey (It needs to be heated over the fire), and watched all those soaps on Star Plus, including hold your breath..Maryada…aakhir kab tak? Sigh!

So yes, you may now inform bharatmatrimony/ that there’s a crocodile in town that can do the dishes. I, on the other hand, will get back to perfecting my art of being a crocodile! 


5 thoughts on “The crocodile who does the dishes…

  1. wow… you really dont need to inform bharatmatrimony about you… they will come looking for this perfect “bahu” who even knows that name of serials like Maryada whatever whatever.. 😛

    also… i used to do the dishes in 12th, when i wanted a break from studying… it really is a stress buster! 😀 😛


  2. gud1 ……. even me being a crocodile dis days…same stry vacs on!…”kaama kara ata tari jara” frm mommy.. 😛
    totally bugged…nd ya i even luved d title of d blog..keep it up!


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