It’s been a year since this blog was started. A year and one day. And there’ve been 12 posts since, or so blogger tells me. Things have changed since this blog started, I think and post now or rather think more and post. Maybe that’s why I blog so little. An average of one post per month is rather horrible. And blaming writer’s block too isn’t the solution.
So I guess I’ll do what I promised myself when I started this. Write about whatever I think and do. Interesting, funny or otherwise. Hopefully this 2nd year is a lot more fruitful and creative in terms of what I write. But then, thanks for reading me! J And for commenting on what little I put up! J

There won’t be a barrage of posts now, but certainly no drought either! Hopefully this stays on!

That’s a random image I came across on google images when I 1st started this blog, it isn’t me and isn’t mine either!


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