Ramblings and Randomness…

Two years back around this time I was preparing for the “boards”, like it was the biggest achievement of my life. Now, I’ve cleared them, survived two years (almost) in the under graduate world and now I am thinking of the next exam to come up. NEXT YEAR.

Is it just me or are all of our lives revolving around passing the next hurdle in life that we’ve quit thinking of the time in between? I have a life, I roam, watch movies, listen to music, hang out etc. But has the sliver of tension ever left me? No.

Sixteen years back, around this time, I didn’t know the difference between a penguin, peacock and a mynah. I didn’t care! I cried out “penguin!” when we would pass by mynahs on the building parapet. Today I fret over  ’s and s’ used in the wrong place. I can’t stand a person with wrong grammar, seriously is it so tough to speak properly? Distracted.

The headache’s been on for 3 days now, and I am editing a news bulletin, not knowing in what way is it EVER going to help me (At least penguins peacocks did help!). There is renovation on next door, and I could murder the workers who’re breaking the walls there. Pabo sings… “Muskuraaoon kabhi toh lagta hain jaise hoton pe karz rakha hain…”  Talking about ironies…

I am getting off the deadline circuit for now! J I have decided to convince Mr. Kautuk Vishal Bharadwaj Srivastav to cast me in Janardhan Caeserchand as the lead and the scriptwriter, the cinematographer, the lyricist, the AD and the DoP if possible. I’m going to steal a Russian folk song as my “inspiration”, call it Sweethearrrrrrrrrrrt and then dance in it in a ghaghra choli… J Have Asha Bhosale do a jugalbandi with Devangg Patel and then lip sync both voices.

In short I’m on the brink of losing my sanity! And frankly, random ramblings do bring out clarity. I am clear now. I want my birthday pre-poned! I want books, clothes and chocolates for my birthday. I am celebrating an Anniversary today, so I should get lots of phone calls to survive two years post HSC! J

What’s this post about? Ramblings and randomness. You know that. But there is an anniversary today, and I am proud of it…

Okay, so the movie’s rendered now, I am back to editing the news bulletin, I have a deadline to keep you know? 😛

The work that I’m doing right now…seems fancy eh?

P.S. The only thing I can be high on is happiness.
P.P.S. I am happy! 😀
P.P.S. First post that’s less than 500 words!

20 thoughts on “Ramblings and Randomness…

  1. @Varun…the time is a mistake..it's PM…took it right now! 😛
    I won't feel it…I'm sure…coz I'v decided I don't want to feel that way..you seriously think it's tooo bad btw? 😮
    I'm not a tensed soul…I'm worked up! As for the rest…you make me laugh, and I will! 🙂


  2. Firstly, wish you a very happy 2nd anniversary! Wish me back 😛
    Secondly, good luck with the deadline..! I so dont care as long as theres Kautuk Vishal Bharadwaj Srivastava at the edit desk 😀
    And i also get where the 'fancy' comes from 😉


  3. this is by far my favorite post… 😀
    its so you… i mean… not really… but yeah… it gives the essence of *YOU*ness… of how you think when you're all riled up… which is most of the time due to bmm….
    love this kind of rambling… maybe cuz right now, i soooo identify with it…. 😀


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