Those people I call friends! ^_^

Sometimes, you interpret some things differently than what people mean, at other times, its bang on target! So here is a small interpretation of what my friends do…as in, in terms of giving me meaningful looks, and how I interpret it! J In some cases it might also be what they think of when they see me!
Some are plain dumb…others…well have a read! J

School Friends:

Aarti: *Kaha mar gayi tu?*
Swati: *Alle mela bachcha*
Alok: *Oh! Aa gayi! Never on time!* (Note: This might repeat more often than not!)
Akshay: *Kabhi to badal!*
Aparna: *Aaaahhh!*
Amar: *YOU NEVER HAVE TIME FOR ME* (Same as above note!)
Lavanya: *Ye pagal ho gayi hain*
Pratik: *I don’t care*
Pallav: *You seem to amaze me always*
Ketan: *Vedi*
Manasi: *Mandd!*
Building Friends:

Aditya: *Take care!*
Varun: *Aa gayi chatramkali chipkali*
Nirav: *Shock*
Mayur: *Recipe chor!*
Anish: *Kya paka rahi hain!*
Abhilasha: *Aaja behena!*
College friends:

Kavya: *Iske pairon mein pakka chakke lage hain!* (Chakke=wheels!)
Suchi: *Hi janamli ka?!*
Pallavi: *Kyun paka rahi hain!*
Ushma: * You never have the time for me*
Rashmi: *Why are you not a TamBrahm?* / *Oh! Aa gayi! Never on time!*
Deepa: *Take a breath!*
Madhumita: *Take a breath!*
Aakansha: *Oye bore*
Tamanna: *Aaja hug karein!*
Uttaresh: *Kya paka rahi hain!*
Kartik: *Kya paka rahi hain!*
Bhagyesh: *Oh! Aa gayi! Never on time!*
Apoorva: *Yes no yes no yes no*
Tulsi: *Here comes the madwoman!*
Lekha: *Mumma*
Zameer: *You’ve a boring life*
Kautuk: *You’re not supposed to know what he means*
Ajinkya: *Pagal aurat*
Falguni: *Babe grow up*
Naveen: *Faad de*
Miscellaneous Friends (This includes friends whom I met online, who belong to some list somewhere, people I’ve met once or twice, at competitions, random places or never!)

Gautam: *You always/never/always/never/always/never understand me*
Sudhamshu: *You never remember what I say* (Another way of saying: *YOU NEVER HAVE TIME FOR ME*)
Suraksha: *KK didi!* 😛
Shreyas: *When will this kid grow up!*
Varun: *How did this blonde come to be my friend!*
Devanjan: *Aa gayi pakane*
Shibani: *Aye maaydam!*
Sanket: *Stupid female with no sense*
Bala: *Aye!*
Mrugesh: *Will you EVER have the time?*

I think a lot of other people are supposed to be on this list, but at this point of time I can only remember so many! J
So to all my friends here and to all others too, I hope you had a nice friendship’s day, and that our friendship goes beyond these “days” and the bands and the marks by the marker! 🙂

Some friends, go beyond the obvious silhouettes, others, just remain in those dark lines…wherever you are…welcome to my life! 🙂

16 thoughts on “Those people I call friends! ^_^

  1. ummmm…. i have never said that… mostly, its always, “your late!”
    at least thats what Im thinking… but really… never madwoman… lol 😛


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