Silhouette of the past…

The week, was turbulent. To say the least. It had everything that would make a movie. It had tears, it had sickness. It had friends getting back, it had lectures going wrong. It had a trek, it had a train adventure. It had rains, it had brain washing. To top it all, the next one begins with a bandh. Omen. I say.

But then, I learnt a lot of things.

My friendships depend on technology. Time I accepted it. One day I decide to reduce FB usage and remove my SMS scheme, the next day, I exist in a void. Sad. But it is time I accepted it.

My health is the only thing that would get me grey hair! I am sure of that. Totally! When will it stop shocking me? No idea. What to do to make it better? No idea!

I fought. With everyone. Was rude. To everyone. Fought with everyone. And then, by the end of the week, realised there’s a hole somewhere. Inside me. So….now I am on a sorry exercise! Apologising to people…to all…I am sorry. I was being a nut. Now…I think I will get back to normal.

Lectures. HAVE  to be recorded! Or, at least, I should have the strength to stay awake through them!

It had a trek…I beautiful one at that too! Thanks Adit, Nirav, Mayur, Varun, Shraddha, Prachi and Roopa for taking me along! The SVPT fellows, have a nice group, and taking me in, is my luck! Seeing the city, emerging from between the clouds, is an experience in itself. Disneyland like! And the peace and the tranquillity! Cannot be described by me! The best part, was the descent though. While listening to “Baahon ke Darmiyam”, my favourite song! And obviously…the rang badloo titli! Guess I should do this often, it puts sense back to me.

And the train thing. I was stupid! Landed up at Nerul instead of Vashi! That’s something now! Being such a seasoned traveller, that mistake was unforgivable! And well, the 3rd umbrella of the season. Gone with the wind!

Rains=peace! And, a lot of introspection that always end in tears! But they’re great! Always. Period. I love it when the background music to my dreams is the rhythmic rain drops! It is…a cuddly season! Thank god I have a chotu pillow! J

Brainwashing. By me. To everyone. That I am bad. And by everyone. That yes, I am. Sigh! I guess, I am being too anti social these days! Time to get back to normal?Hope not. But yes, I will try to strike an equilibrium!
Why did I write this down? To clear things for me, has it cleared? Only time will tell!

P.S. Sid…I am looking forward to the “date” with you.

Silhouettes in my life…a week that is now a silhouette…will soon be a shadow…of the past.

10 thoughts on “Silhouette of the past…

  1. Gud 1!!

    N u ending up in Nerul instead of Vashi!
    U shud hve askd sumbody naa!!
    Newys…by nw u must hve come to knw dat Nerul train doesn't go 2 Vashi.


  2. I liked the expressions “Seeing the city, emerging from between the clouds” and “..when the background music to my dreams is the rhythmic rain drops”. Made me smile wide. 🙂

    Introspective days are *always* great. All the emotional turmoil you go through is worth the conclusions you get.

    Utk,you usually think the practical way. I like that.


  3. @Alok…I knew it! Just that…Thane mein indicator pe Vashi tha n train landed up at Nerul! 😦

    @Sid…I am practical…u r nonsensical! 😀 Haha…but the point is…introspection makes me feel lonely…n then cry! :'(

    @Dhamdham….I do? How?!

    @Varun…ya…a poetry “writing” session! Which dint gt done in the end coz I ended up late n to add to it almost lost! So…lost mks too…never mind! I don't like Vashi now!


  4. Heyy!!!! dont hate vashi!!! hate nerul!! 😛

    the post seemed a bit like an entry in your diary… totallly confused thoughts that kept contradicting each other… 😛

    and this post relieves me… I just wish I had read it earlier… n I hope that I have a right to be relieved by this post…


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