Silhouette of Relationships…(Part one I suppose!)

Caution: I am in a horribly introspective mood, for two days now. All the thoughts below are a result of the same! Not my usual writing, but I guess, this is necessary! Comments WANTED! Whichever friend you are! ๐Ÿ™‚

Friends…troubles? Trouble makers? Trouble solvers? Best friends, close friends, buddies, bum chums, chaddhi baddies, langotiya yaar? BFFS, special friends, secret friends, building friends, gully friends, avehi friends? Hi bye friends, online friends, competition friends, just-by-the-way friends, acquaintances, contacts.

Somehow, all my friends are divided this way, and I am sure a lot of other peoples too! And I always thought it was this way since the end of time till a close friend (see I am categorising again!) said that the 2-3 friends he had were enough for him always. And I started wondering (like I always do) of what I had achieved of having sooo many friends?

I have friends all over the world, thanks to the competitions I go to. I have friends in every age group (provided I can call 50+ people friends too); I have friends in possibly every strata of the society, every nook and every corner of the city with different pursuits. But frankly did I ever, have ENOUGH friends?

I still wonder! I socialise for sure. One look at my FB profile and youโ€™ll know I have some 575 and ever increasing list of friends, on Orkut some 300…but frankly, did I stay in touch, or care about even 10 of them? Okay, maybe that was rude, but inherently, I always end up thinking about too many friends and bothering with their problems! But when I need to confide, I doubt there are more than 2-3 people whoโ€™ll know what my โ€œstatusโ€ is really.

Do I blame social networking sites for this state? Peer pressure to be online all the time? My voyeuristic need to see into everyoneโ€™s life? Or is it simply my inability to deal with friends outside my virtual world screen. Possibly the last, maybe the first. Maybe a bit of all of those.

True, a lot of my friends exist on my computer/laptop screen. Actually, my closest (categorising!) friends are the ones I met online. Even today, when I meet a friend in college, I wonโ€™t speak as openly to him/her as I would, if I were on chat. And it has nothing to do with โ€œsecret friendsโ€ thingy.

Is it that the impersonal form of communication makes it easier? No. I think chats are horrible forms to communicate something serious. But looking back, the best and the most life changing conversations I have had have been online.

Am I complaining? Am I FINALLY turning into the grandma-in-new-skin that my friends always predicted I was? Talking negatively about the social networking sites I am so addicted to? Or is the lack of real friends or all the friendships going sour that is affecting me this way?

I think I might not know. Not now, and maybe to not bothered to know later. For now, I want to inform the world. I have successfully quit Farmville, stayed away from Facebook for most part of this week. Kept away from the mobile till I didnโ€™t really want to use it. Not stayed on the phone for long, and rediscovered my first love.

My books. To all those people who were frustrated of my commenting, my posts on their walls, my absolute domination on their news feeds. Here you go. I think I am cutting off. I need to get out. And discover friends again.

To my online friends, I am not leaving you so soon! Just cutting down. And my friends list too! ๐Ÿ™‚

The silhouette of relationships, when the heart yearns for a person to share a lot of things with!


11 thoughts on “Silhouette of Relationships…(Part one I suppose!)

  1. @Varun…ha! Can never pick off things of your thoughts! Simply continuing from what I thought at where you left! No tech feedback needed…I know its just ok…because I am just writing what I am thinking…which isn't special most times!

    @Shrey…Yes…finally bringing in the order my life is so desperately screaming for! Just cross your fingers that this isn't a passing phase. First love! ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. hmmm… to be honest… i kinda always envied ur connection with people… the way people can not not like you… on your birthday for example, you got god knows how many wishes on facebook alone…
    its nice that your trying to rediscover your real friends, but i would suggest not cutting back on the rest….

    n in the words of someone we both know only too well: “a journalist is only as good as his contacts!”
    lol… so for the sake of your career, dont make tooo hasty a decision….

    besides… i cant imagine you without your 450 msgs per day and your constant status bombardment on fb… ๐Ÿ™‚


  3. I *totally* agree with the above!

    But true, socializing drains you at times..pulls you down and you do need a break for a while. But that's about it.

    P.S:What category do I belong to?
    P.P.S:Is that a secret?
    PPPS: Good post! ๐Ÿ™‚


  4. Its been a week since im wondering whats wid u?!?! My last two albums and almost 10 statuses have not a single 'like' from ua comments seem to be history now! It was you n me who commented on almost all FB posts.. but now im left aloof..!

    Moreover, I agree with T!
    You suddenly cutting down is not a good thing to do.. for the sake of journalism atleast..!
    Nice to know that u are rediscovering your true ones.. but for that, cutting down the rest is no good excuse!

    PS: Loved the piece ๐Ÿ™‚
    Keep coming ๐Ÿ™‚


  5. Speaking about categorising frns..no1 wants frnds get automatically categorised..
    So dnt wry bout dat..

    N if u think ppl wont lyk ur peeping into der lyf den let me clear 1 thing..i dnt mind ur peepin into my lyf..i wud luv ur presence..
    So ur invited to like,dislike,comment,post nething u wnt!

    N dnt cut-off ur socialisng so drastically!!


    Keep writing!!


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