My Silhouette de la vie…

My attempt at expressing through poetry!

It was a silent night,

Quite unlike the ones in Mumbai,
The day was ours,
And probably every one knew…

It wasn’t tiredness,

Nor the need for our space,
We sat on the dewy grass,
Because we wanted to…

With eyes that saw beyond you,

And those fingers entwined,
I felt scared till the time,
I realized, you are truly mine…

Leaving behind the fear of loss,

In the yearning to be just yours,
Even the moon seemed close by,
I felt so divine…

From playing on those swings,

To walking early mornings,
Being there to giggle at couples,
The park took an all-new meaning…

It now means company,

One, which I can’t ever deny,
After the days’ work,
For a quick hug and a glance…

Sitting there on the park bench,

Flanked by the flickering lamplight,
We grew,
More content and even more secure…

Of a future I think not,

Of the past I care not,
It’s the way you make me feel now,
That makes you my Silhouette de la vie…

One thought on “My Silhouette de la vie…

  1. Vaah!genuinely excellent!u inspire me 2 start writing poetry again…! u prefer sitting on d dewy grass or d bench?!grass pe teka lene ko nahi hota hai re…lol!keep writing


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